Darryl's Restaurants

For many years everything done for the Darryl's chain of restaurants was created by hand, including all of the text in their printed materials. Eventually the copy made the transition to typesetting, but the hand-done headers, subheads and page art continued in later designs.

The dinner menu is 10"x16.25" with a full color cover and two color interior and die-cut into the shape of a beer mug. The book is printed on heavy uncoated cream cover stock and held together by a threaded elastic band.

In addition to the design, I also created the hand-drawn typography and all of the llustrations.

A Darryls To Go Logo
B Darryls To Go Guy
C Darryls Drinks & Munchies Front
D Darryls Drinks & Munchies Outside
E Darryls Drinks & Munchies Inside
F Darryls Drinks & Munchies Inside Detail 1
G Darryls What's New Front
H Darryls Combo Ad

A) "To Go" logo
B) "To Go" character character
C) "Drinks And Munchies" menu front
D) "Drinks And Munchies" menu outside
E) "Drinks And Munchies" menu inside
F) "Drinks And Munchies" menu
inside detail
G) "What's New Cooking At Darryl's" flyer/mailer front
H) Combo ad
I) "Weekend Brunch" menu front
J) "Weekend Brunch" menu inside
K) "Mug" menu front
L) "Mug" menu pages 1 and 2
M) "Mug" menu page 2
N) "Mug" menu page 3
O) "Mug" menu page 3 and 4
P) "Mug" menu page 4
Q) "Desserts" menu front
R) "Desserts" menu front & back

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Darryls Weekend Brunch Cover I
Darryls Weekend Brunch Menu Inside J
Regular Menu Front K
Darryls Menu Pages 1&2 L
Darryls Menu Page 2 M
Darryls Menu Pg3 N
Darryls Menu Pg3&4 O
Darryls Menu Page 4 P
Darryls Dessert Menu Front Q
Darryls Dessert Menu Outside R