A Drinks And Munchies Menu Front
B Dessert Menu Front
C Dessert Menu Back
D Weekend Brunch Menu Front
E Weekend Brunch Menu Cover Detail
F "To Go" Man 1
G "To Go" Man 2

Darryl's Restaurants

This is a collection of some of the art created for the Darryl's chain of restaurants for various menus, ads and promotional materials.

Take Out Menu Front H
Menu Art 1 I
Headers 1 J
Crab Pocketbook Sandwich K
Headers 2 L
Menu Art 2 M
Burger Header N
Menu Art 3 O
Take Out Menu Salad Block P
Weekend Brunch Header 2Q
Brunch Header R

A) Drinks & Munchies menu front
B) Desserts menu front
C) Desserts menu back
D) Weekend Brunch menu front
E) Weekend Brunch menu front detail
F) "To Go" character 1
G) "To Go" character 2
H) Take Out menu front
I) Menu art 1
J) Header art 1
K) Crab pocketbook sandwich
L) Header art 2
M) Menu art 2
N) Gourmet Burgers header
O) Menu art 3
P) Takeout menu salad block
Q) Brunch header 1
R) Brunch header 2

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