"Event Publications"

NEARfest (www.nearfest.com) was the largest progressive rock festival in North America. Over time the official event program grew to magazine-size, some years reaching over 60 pages. These are covers and layouts from various programs over the years.

A NEARfest 2009 Cover
B Random Thoughts Spread
C Cabezas De Cera Spread
D Van Der Graaf Generator Left Page
E Van Der Graaf Generator Spread
F Beardfish Spread
G NEARfest 2003 Cover
H NEARfest 2003 Contents
I Alamaailman Vasarat Left Page
J NEARfest 2004 Cover
K NEARfest 2004 Yezda Urfa Spread
L NEARfest 2004 Keneally Spread
M NEARfest 2004 Hidria Spacefolk Spread
N NEARfest 2004 Planet X Spread
O NEARfest 2001 Cover
P NEARfest 2001 Day One
Q NEARfest 2001 Day Two Spread

A) 2009: Cover
B) 2009: Random Thoughts spread
C) 2009: Cabezas De Cera spread
D) 2009: Van Der Graaf Generator left page
E) 2009: Van Der Graaf Generator spread
F) 2009: Beardfish spread
G) 2003: Cover
H) 2003: Contents
I) 2003: Alamaailman Vasarat left page
J) 2004: Cover
K) 2004: Yezda Urfa spread
L) 2004: Mike Keneally Band spread
M) 2004: Hidria Spacefolk spread
N) 2004: Planet X spread
O) 2001: Cover
P) 2001: Day One page
Q) 2001: Day Two spread
R) 2008: Cover
S) 2008: Peter Hammill spread
T) 2008: Echolyn spread
U) 2008: Color photo feature opening page
V) 2008: Fish right page
W) 2007: Cover
X) 2007: Contents
Y) 2007: Robert Rich spread
Z) 2007: Bob Drake right page
AA) 2007: Bob Drake spread
BB) 2007: La Maschera Di Cera spread
CC) 2006: Cover
DD) 2006: Niacin spread
EE) 2005: Cover
FF) 2005: Contents
GG) 2005: Knight Area spread
HH) 2005: So They Say... left page
II) 2005: Steve Roach spread
JJ) 2005: The Muffins left page
KK) 2005: Poster

NEARfest 2008 Cover R
Peter Hammil Spread S
Echolyn Spread T
NEARfest 2008 Color Feature Page 1 U
Fish Right Page V
NEARfest 2007 Cover W
NEARfest 2007 Contents X
Robert Rich Spread Y
Bob Drake Right Page Z
Bob Drake Spread AA
La Maschera Spread BB
NEARfest 2006 Cover CC
Niacin Spread DD
NEARfest 2005 Cover EE
NEARfest 2005 Contents FF
NEARfest 2005 Knight Area Spread GG
NEARfest 2005 So They Say... Left Page HH
NEARfest 2005 Steve Roach Spread II
NEARfest 2005 The Muffins Left Page JJ
NEARfest 2005 Poster KK