Wellman, Inc.

"Fabric Sample Sheets"

Every year the fashion and fabric industries gear up to promote new designs for the coming year. These are from a series of fabric sample sheets created for the Fibers Division of Wellman, Inc.

A Wellman Fabric Sheet Back

The front of each sheet is made up of a grouping of fabric sample pictures with jagged old-style photo borders, an unbordered photo showing fabrics in a design setting, and a row of fabric swatches. The back of the sheets contain marketing copy and color specifications.

The sheets are slightly oversized (8.75"x11.75"). To prevent the printed fabric images from having any "shine," the sheets are printed on matte coated cover stock and finished with a matte varnish. Rectangular fabric swatches are hand-applied where indicated on the left side.

A) Fabric sheet back
B) "Rich Primitives" fabric sheet
C) "The Romantic Novel" fabric sheet
D) "Orient Express" fabric sheet
E) "Garden Party" fabric sheet

Wellman Fabric Sheet 1 B
Wellman Fabric Sheet 2 C
Wellman Fabric Sheet 3 D
Wellman Fabric Sheet 4 E