St. James Plantation


St. James Plantation is a coastal community in North Carolina. The community sales center features a showroom with 8 wall sections of presentation graphics.

A St. James Lobby Before
B St. James Lobby After

These "before" and "after" pictures show the redesign of the presentation spaces. The previously unused lobby wall was recreated to provide a quick overview of the community's general geographic region and it's amenities.

C St. James Golf Wall View Before
D St. James Golf Wall View After

Partitions in the main sales area were removed to provide clear lines-of-sight to all of the wall displays from any of the room's possible seating locations. The walls were refinished in fabric to facilitate graphic installations.

E St. James Corner 1 Before
F St. James Corner 1 After

A) Lobby wall, before
B) Lobby wall, after
C) Showroom view to golf wall, before
D) Showroom view to golf wall, after
E) Corner view, before
F) Corner view, after
G) Activities clock
H) Activities clock with open right side
I) Activities clock interior detail
J) Corner 2 view
K) Wall 2 view

St. James Clock 1 G

One of the showroom features is a custom designed and fabricated activities clock.

Each one hour section of the clock lists activities that occur during that hour, accompanied by a lifestyle photograph. As the hour hand reaches each time period, the individual section becomes illuminated for the duration of the hour, highlighting the activities and photo, and then switches off when the next hour arrives.

St. James Clock 2 H
St. James Clock 3 I

The backlit clock face features the cattails from the St. James logo, along with the question, "What Are You Doing Today?" The clock's hour hand is a cattail and the minute hand is a dragonfly.

Each section of the clock can be removed to update the text and photos, replace expired bulbs and set the internal timers when time zones change.

St. James Corner 2 J
St. James Wall 2 K

Each wall section is composed of a collection of type panels, 3-D wall typography, graphics and photographs that illustrate various aspects of the St. James Plantation experience: a general geographical overview, area amenities, St. James' private beach and the beach lifestyle, the environmentally friendly way in which the community has been developed (winner of 3 National Audubon Society awards), St. James' economic stability, the multiple private golf courses on property, the custom building program, and other amenities specific to St. James Plantation.