Novovita (“New Life”) is an agricultural technology company. The Novovita product line is a system of fibrous, mat-like materials that are bio-based and biodegradable, working in harmony with the environment and engineered to “heal the soil” by completing the bio-cycle. This organic, in-and-out cyclical process is expressed in the logo by the Novovita "flower."

A Novovita AGrochips Brochure English & Spanish Covers

A series of single sheet 8.5"x11" two-fold brochures were produced in English and Spanish to educate people about the product line. An important design parameter was the electronic distribution of materials as pdfs intended to be printed out by the recipient on an office or home printer.

A) AGroChips brochure covers for English and Spanish versions
B) Logo
C) Business card
D) EarthSkin brochure cover
E) EarthSkin brochure outside
F) EarthSkin brochure inside
G) AGroChips brochure outside
H) AGroChips brochure inside

Novovita Logo B
Novovita Business Card C
Novovita EarthSkin Brochure Cover D
Novovita Earthskin Brochure Outside E
Novovita Earthskin Brochure Inside F
Novovita Agrochips Brochure Outside G
Novovita Agrochips Brochure Inside H