Gould & Goodrich

"Product Catalog"

Gould & Goodrich is one of the country's premier providers of holsters, belts and accessories for police, government agencies and military forces.

In order to visually organize the wide range of items offered in this 48 page catalog, the products are divided into three general groups and different custom backgrounds are used in the product photography. The primary product categories are also color coded throughout the catalog.

A Gould & Goodrich Spread 1
B Gould & Goodrich Spread 2

Images are not composited. Product placement was planned, positioned and shot live during the photography sessions. The motion streaking on the front cover was done in the camera.

C Gould & Goodrich Spread 3
D Design-G&G-Spr4

A) Durapro spread
B) Duty accessories spread
C) Sporting holsters and belts spread
D) Phoenix Series spread
E) Catalog cover
F) Durapro page
G) Slings page
H) Phoenix Series page
I) Holster size chart

Gould & Goodrich Catalog Cover E
Gould & Goodrich Page 1 F
Gould & Goodrich Page 2 G
Gould & Goodrich Page 3 H
Gould & Goodrich Size Chart I