Originally geared towards the fine dining market, the first Winston's logo was hand-done typography used in conjunction with a graphic motif modelled off of the building's distinctive door designs.

In keeping with the restaurant's up-scale nature, the menu featured a dark blue leatherette cover with the name and door motif stamped in silver foil. The interior 12 pages included 6 pages of wines and beer and were printed on heavily textured uncoated stock reminiscent of old-world handmade paper.

A Winstons Menu 2

When it was decided to reduce menu production costs, the content was reduced to 6 pages and redesigned around a three-panel clear plastic carrier in which individual pages were inserted. This allowed for more economical item and price changes.

B Winstons Menu 2 Page 1

Winston's became known as a great place for "special occasion" dining, but wanting to expand their potential clientel, they promoted themselves as a place for casual dining as well.

C Winstons Ad A
D Winstons Ad B
E Winstons Ad C
F Winstons Ad D

In an unprecedented turnaround, Winston's decided to predominantly target the casual dining market. They gutted the building, completely reworked the interior and changed their name from Winston's Restaurant to Winston's Grille. A new logo was created that was more appropriate to Winston's new direction and a third menu was designed using the same carriers as previously.

In a fourth menu design, parts of the Winston's Grille logo were combined to create a symbol used as an identity element on menus, ads, posters, table tents, etc. Full color menu page "blanks" were printed. These were then overprinted with black text as needed when items or prices changed.

A) Menu #2 cover
B) Menu #2 interior page
C) Ad from "The Restaurant Review" series
D) Ad from "The Restaurant Review" series
E) Ad from "The Restaurant Review" series
F) Ad from "The Restaurant Review" series
G) Winston's Grille logo
H) Winston's Grille interior
I) Menu #3 cover
J) Menu #3 interior page
K) "Night Of The Lobster" ad
L) Menu #4 cover
M) Winston's symbol
N) Menu #4 interior page
O) Menu 4 interior page
P) Menu 4 interior page
Q) Menu 4 interior page

Winstons Grille Logo G
Winstons Interior H
Winstons Menu 3 I
Winston's Menu 3 Page 1 J
Winstons Lobster Ad K
Winston's Menu 4 Cover L
Winstons Symbol M
Winston's Menu 4 Page 1 N