Scott McGill's
Hand Farm


Images of energy conjured by the music of Scott McGill's Hand Farm paired themselves with the word "Ripe's" connotations of creation and birth. The result was an object embodying it all: fertilization and creation, energy and the sun.

Additional images show the "reaction" process in various stages and an element was extracted to use as a spine motif.

Package colors are appropriately bright, and as this is the "Hand Farm," stylistically hand-done fonts are used for the title and band name. To preserve the symmetry and cleaness of the cover image, the band name and album title are printed on the inner tray card under a clear tray and are visible on the package front.

A Ripe Magazine Ad

A) Magazine ad
B) Booklet front cover
C) Booklet outside spread
D) Booklet back cover
E) Booklet inside spread
F) Booklet inside spread detail
G) Inner tray
H) Outer tray

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Scott McGill Ripe cover B
Scott McGill Booklet Outside C
Scott McGill Ripe Booklet Back D
Scott McGill Ripe Booklet Inside E
Scott McGill Ripe Booklet Inside Detail 1 F
Scott McGill Ripe Tray Inside G
Scott McGill Ripe Tray Outside H