"Twas The Night Before..."

Many different approaches were tried for the packaging of this jazz CD release of Christmas and seasonal music. In the end it was decided to take the design in the direction of the album cover layouts of the classic Blue Note period.

A "Twas The NIght Before" Disc

A two-sided, single sheet insert is used for the cover of the package. The inner tray is clear. When opened, the back of the cover insert and the inside of the tray card work together as a single image (Figure E). The front cover and the outside of the tray card work the same way (Figure G). The song titles on the disc label, shown above in white, knock-out to the silver of the disc.

A) Disc
B) Insert front cover
C) Insert inside
D) Inner tray
E) Insert back & inner tray together
F) Outer tray
G) Insert front & outer tray together
G) Poster

"Twas The Night Before" Insert Front Cover B
"Twas The Night Before" insert back C
"Twas The Night Before" Inside Tray D
"Twas The Night Before" Tray & Insert E
"Twas The Night Before" Outside Tray F
Twas The Night Before Tray & Cover G
"Twas The Night Before" Poster H