Neomonde began as a small local bakery with a store front that also provided authentic Mediterranean food. Their pita bread became known as the best in the area, and their wholesale production expanded to ultimately provide a wide range of baked goods and Mediterranean specialties to restaurants and groceries on a regional basis.

Most of the designs shown here are intended as take-home pieces for customers, or they can fit into an envelope for mailing. The wheat motif is also used as a wall design in Neomonde's retail stores.

A Neomonde Bakery And Deli Menu Cover
B Neomonde Bakery And Deli Menu Outside
C Neomonde Bakery And Deli Menu Inside
D Neomonde Pastry Mailer Cover
E Neomonde Pastry Mailer Inside

A) Bakery And Deli menu cover
B) Bakery And Deli menu outside
C) Bakery And Deli menu inside
D) Pastry mailer cover
E) Pastry mailer inside
F) Artisan Bread brochure cover
G) Artisan Bread brochure outside
H) Artisan Bread brochure inside
I) Catering menu cover
J) Catering menu outside
K) Catering menu inside
L) Write-on display label

Neomonde Artisan Bread Brochure Cover F
Neomonde Artisan Bread Brochure Outside G
Neomonde Artisan Bread Brochure Inside H
Neomonde Catering Menu Cover I
Neomonde Catering Menu Outside J
Neomonde Catering Menu Inside K
Neomonde Label L