Builders Of Hope

Builders Of Hope (BOH) is an innovative leader in affordable housing and urban renewal. Since its founding in 2006, the company has successfully created and rebuilt neighborhoods by providing workforce housing through the reuse of existing inventory. BOH saves homes slated for demolition and recycles them using its patented “Extreme Green Rehabilitation” model for residential construction. This process creates beautiful, healthier homes that are energy efficient and less costly to maintain.

The original brief was for the branding of Ecological Community Builders, one of the BOH family of companies. After the Ecological brand was developed, I was asked to redesign or create the logos for other members of the BOH family, including the parent company, Builders Of Hope.

A Letterhead
B Ecological business card front
C Ecological business card back
D Ecological brand guidelines
E Ecological flyer

A) Builders Of Hope letterhead
B) Ecological Community Builders business card
C) Ecological Community Builders business card
D) Ecological Community Builders
brand identity guidelines
E) Ecological Community Builders flyer
F) Builders Of Hope icon
G) Builders Of Hope logo
H) Builders Of Hope logo family
I) Upcycle logo
J) ibuild logo
K) Living In Third World America logo
L) Ecological Community Builders
10' trade show display
M) Ecological Community Builders
10' trade show display detail


BOH Logo Icon  F
Builders of Hope logo  G

Logo family  H

Upcycle Logo I

Through the Upcycle program, Builders Of Hope transforms foreclosed, vacant properties into energy efficient, affordable rentals and homes for sale to working class Americans.

ibuild logo  J

Living In Third World America logo  K

Ecological trade show display L
Ecological trade show display detail M