A ProgDay 1995 Art
B ProgDay 1996 Art
C ProgDay 1997 Art
D ProgDay 1998 Art
E ProgDay 1999 Art
F ProgDay 2000 Art
G ProgDay 2001 Art
H ProgDay 2002 Art
I ProgDay 2003 Art
J ProgDayX Art
K ProgDay 2005 Art


ProgDay is the longest running progressive rock festival in the world. I have been creating the festival art since the first show in 1995. This is a collection of art from over the festival's history.

The pieces generally include a direct music reference (1996 and 2001 do not), and since ProgDay is an open-air festival held in the country, there is usually a sun/nature/venue reference (2000 and 2002 do not).

ProgDay 2006 Art L
ProgDay 2007 Art M
ProgDay 2008 ArtN
ProgDay 2009 ArtO
ProgDay 2010 ArtP
ProgDay 2011 ArtQ
ProgDay 2012 ArtR
ProgDay 2013 ArtS

A) ProgDay 1995
B) ProgDay 1996: "Leaf In The Sun"
C) ProgDay 1997: "Sunning"
D) ProgDay 1998: "Summersong"
E) ProgDay 1999: "The Queen"
F) ProgDay 2000: "Encore?"
G) ProgDay 2001: "Phoenix"
H) ProgDay 2002: "Dragon Clef"
I) ProgDay 2003: "Natural Machine"
J) ProgDay 2004: "ProgDayX"
K) ProgDay 2005: "Listen To The Band"
L) ProgDay 2006: "Scarecrow"
M) ProgDay 2007: "Earth Toot"
N) ProgDay 2008: "Duet"
O) ProgDay 2009: "Swansong"
P) ProgDay 2010: "Shaman"
Q) ProgDay 2011: "Humming"
R) ProgDay 2012: "Harvest"
S) ProgDay 2013: "The Green Room"

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Earth Toot   Swan   Duet

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