ProgDay 2001

This is a 2 CD compilation of live performances from the ProgDay 2001 festival. The "Phoenix" represents the rebirth of the festival after having been officially retired in 2000.

The text, solid backgrounds and phoenix are all printed in a metallic copper ink.

A ProgDay 2001 Disc 1
B ProgDay 2001 Disc 2

The labels are printed in metallic copper directly onto the discs using no white base. The center circle is white with copper lettering as shown, but all of the other white on the labels above is actually the silver of the discs.

C Booklet Page 2
D Booklet Pages 2 & 3
E Booklet Page 3

A) Disc 1
B) Disc 2
C) Booklet page 2
D) Booklet pages 2 and 3
E) Booklet page 3
F) Booklet front cover
G) Booklet page 4
H) Booklet pages 4 and 5
I) Booklet page 5
J) Inner tray
K) Booklet page 6
L) Booklet pages 6 and 7
M) Booklet page 7
N) Booklet back cover
O) Outer tray

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Booklet Front Cover F
Booklet Page 4 G
Booklet Pages 4 & 5 H
Booklet Page 5 I
Inner Tray J
Booklet Page 6 K
Booklet Pages 6 & 7 L
Booklet Page 7 M
Booklet Back N
Outer Tray O