Romper Zombie

Romper Zombie is a line of action figures with a backstory. There are two types of figures - zombies and hunters. I designed the logo and packaging for both, created the 3-D box art and designed the marketing materials for the product launch. The zombie packaging is a containment unit for captured specimens. The hunter packaging is a decontamination chamber for after the hunt.

A Four boxes
B Hunter box flat
C Hunter box front photo
D Hunter box back door
E Hunter box left side
F Hunter box left side
G Hunter box top, front and bottom
H NCZT logo

A) Four boxes with figures photo
B) Hunter (Georgie) box press sheet
C) Georgie box front photo
D) Hunter box back
E) Hunter (Georgie) box left side
F) Hunter (Georgie) box right side
G) Hunter (Georgie) box top, front and bottom
H) NCZT specimen logo
I) Zombie (Bobbie) box press sheet
J) Andie box front photo
K) Zombie box back
L) Zombie (Colie) box left side
M) Bobbie box left side photo
N) Zombie (Colie) box right side (4 inch figures)
O) Zombie box right side (8 inch figures)
P) Brochure side 1
Q) Brochure front
R) Brochure back
S) Brochure inside left
T) Brochure inside right
U) Brochure side 2

Zomibe box flat I
Andie Box front photo J
Zombie box back door K
Zombie box left side L
Bobbie left side M
Zombie box right side N
Zombie box right side O

Below is a wholesale marketing brochure. When folded, it creates a 9x12 inch brochure with a front, back and interior spread. When unfolded, the back side of the sheet is an 18x24 inch poster.

Romper Zombie poster side 1 Q
Poster front R
Poster back S
Poster left inside T
Poster right inside U
Poster side 2 V