Progression Magazine

Progression is a magazine focusing on progressive music. The content is a mixture of feature articles, a CD & DVD review section, and editorial columns.

My first logo design for the publication appeared on the Winter 1995-1996 issue - Issue #18. At the time the magazine was a black and white periodical, so the logo was created as a pen & ink drawing. The logo was reworked as a full color painting when Progression went to color covers beginning with Issue #28.

I became art director for Progression with the Spring 2010 issue - Issue #59. At that time the logo was re-evaluated and updated.

A New Progression Logo
B New Progression Logo detail
C Old Progression Color Logo
D Old Progression B&W Logo

A) Redesigned Progression logo
B) Redesigned Progression logo detail
C) First color Progression logo
D) First b&w Progression logo
E) Issue #60: cover
F) Issue #59: cover
G) Issue #67: cover
H) Issue #66: cover
I) Issue #65: cover
J) Issue #64: cover
K) Issue #63: cover
L) Issue #62: cover
M) Issue #61: cover

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E Progression Issue 60 cover
F Progression 59 cover

To see interior layouts from a particular issue, click on the cover.

Progression 67 cover G
Progression 66 cover H
Progression 65 cover I
Progression 64 cover J
Issue 63 cover K
Progression #62 cover L
Progression Issue 61 cover M