"Toons Tunes From The Past"

This is a reissue package of the first two Mörglbl Trio albums, "The Mörglbl Trio !!" and "Bienvenue Á Mörglbl Land." No production art could be found from either release, and the band could only find printed copies of the second CD.

As a result, no images from the first CD's original packaging could be used. Some of the art from the second release was taken from printed pieces, heavily modified, and then used on the booklet's back and outer flap and on the inner tray. All of the other elements are new to this package.

A Mörglbl Disc 1
B Mörglbl Disc 2

Unlike what is shown above, there is actually no black background on the disc labels. The text encircling the edge of the discs prints directly onto the silver of the discs.

C Mörglbl Obi Top
D Mörglbl Obi Bottom

A) Disc 1
B) Disc 2
C) Obi top
D) Obi bottom
E) Booklet front cover
F) Three panel booklet outside
G) Booklet outside flap
H) Three panel booklet inside
I) Booklet inside detail 1
J) Booklet insides detail 2
K) Outer tray
L) Inner tray

Mörglbl Front Cover E
Mörglbl Booklet Outside F
Mörglbl Outer Flap G
Mörglbl Booklet Inside H
Mörglbl Booklet Inside Detail 1 I
Mörglbl Booklet Inside Detail 2 J
Mörglbl Outer Tray K
Mörglbl Inner Tray L