Extraordinary Peanuts

This project involves a number of packaging solutions. For store shelves there are 22oz and 40oz tins which come with optional custom branded shipping boxes. For the gift basket market there is a 4oz "apple pie" box, for which a custom die was created, and a 4oz printed
foil bag.

All of the text on the 4oz fabricated box and on the wrap-around labels for the tins is stamped in gold foil. The marketing copy, ingredients and contact information on the back of the labels and box are knocked out of a gold foil block and the tins have gold tops and trim to match.

The printing is finished with a high gloss liquid laminate to make the packaging look like
polished stone.

A) Boxes and tins
B) Maxwell's logo
C) Product sheet front
D) 4oz box
E) 4oz bag

Maxwells Detail 1 A
Maxwell's Logo B
Maxwell's Product Grouping 1 C
Maxwell's Gift Basket Box D
Maxwells Gift Basket Bag E