Jetaway Vacations

Jetaway Vacations was interested in upgrading their corporate identity and wanted to create a casual, fun ambience for their image pieces.

After resculpting their existing logo, a "travel image" was created to use as a running theme throughout the new designs. This image encompasses day and night, as well as different kinds of landscapes and destinations.

A document holder was produced for presenting and storing travel papers and tickets. It is a three panel folder with two storage pockets on the inside. A series of luggage tags are inserted into a die-cut slot on the right pocket. The right inside panel is a perforated tear-off feedback form.

For the letterhead the colors were reworked and toned down to allow for legibility.

A) Letterhead
B) Business Card
C) Luggage tags front
D) Document holder front and back
E) Document holder inside

Jetaway Vacations Letterhead A
Jetaway Vacations Business Card B
Jetaway Vacations Luggage Tags C
Jetaway Vacations Document Holder Outside D
Jetaway Vacations Document Holder Inside E