A Hinterland
B Hinterland Detail
C Hinterland Sketch 1
D Hinterland Sketch 2
E Hinterland Sketch 3


A new world being fashioned from within...a world that spills from it's birthplace and spirals out forming a new wilderness...

Initially the composition was more figure oriented and in sketch "C" you can see a hand and part of a shoulder. As work progressed, the focus shifted more to the abstract forms and their movement and eventually only the face made it into the final.

In the early stages the intention was also to be more abstract, with a heavily stylized figure half-buried on a bare, surrealistic plain, surrounded by spinning forms. In sketch "D" there is no sign of the tree forms that were prominent later. As the concept for the painting matured, it became appropriate to have the elements take on more literal form.

A) Color painting
B) Painting detail
C) Early pencil sketch
D) Interm pencil sketch
E) Final pencil sketch